01/10/17 Bullabong Material Girl is BB-2 with finnish CAC at Eckerö Int. Dogshow Åland. Judge: Charlotte Höjer, Denmark

10/09/17 Gimo National Dogshow. Bullabong Material Girl won Best Of Breed with her fifth CAC and Bullberry Bullabong Knightley won Best Opposite Sex. Judge: Viva Maria Soleckyj Szpunar, Poland

20/08/17 Bullabong Material Girl BB-2 with CAC in Eskilstuna. Judge: Eva Nielsen

12/08/17 Askersund International Dogshow. Ch.Bullberry Bullabong Knightley BOB with CACIB and Bullabong Material Girl BOS with CAC (only 10 months old, too young for CACIB). Judge: Suzana Bulatovic, Montenegro

06/08/17 Bullabong Material Girl BOB with CAC at Visby International dogshow. Only 9 months old, too young for CACIB. Judge: George Schogol, Georgia

05/08/17 Ch. Bullberry Bullabong Knightley BOB and Bullabong Material Girl BB-2 with CAC at Visby National dogshow. Judge: Nenad Davidovic, Serbia

06/06/17 Norrtälje Puppyshow. Bullabong Material Girl BOB, BOG and reserve Best Puppy In Show!! Judge: Sara Nordin and Jack Brander

01/05/17 Bullabong Material Girl, first time in the showring at Strängnäs puppyshow. BOB and BOG-3! Judge: Sara Nordin

07/08/16 Bullberry Bullabong Knightley BOB, CAC, CACIB and new Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Nordic Champion in Visby! Judge: Catherine Rooney, Ireland

04/06/16 Bullberry Bullabong Knightley CAC in Drammen, Norway. Judge: Moa Persson

28/05/16 Bullberry Bullabong Knightley BOB, CACIB, CAC in Österbybruk. Judge: Lisbeth Utke Ramsing, Denmark